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That Felt Good

I just unloaded the fact cannon on one of my FiL’s annoying extreme right buddies on Facebook. We talking about a guy who once complained about the local transit system installing machines to announce stops to the blind, because he “doesn’t take the bus and isn’t blind, so why should his taxes go towards that?”

I am not friends with this guy on Facebook, but he is friends with Mr. Ivriniel, and I have seen enough of Mr. Ivriniel’s Facebook feed to know this guy is posting articles from highly questionable news sources on the Syrian crisis. For example a story claiming that an ISIS fighter was captured in Stuttgart, that near as I can determine only appeared on a white supremacist website and Infowars.

Anyways, I commented on one of Mr. Ivriniel’s posts about Syrian refugees, and right wing guy responds to me about how it is just too risky to bring in Syrians because they might be jihadis, claiming that ISIS flags have been popping up in Germany. (Another claim coming off questionable, right wing news sources.)


My response:

Former Canadian Chief of Defence Staff General Rick Hillier says we can take in 50 000 refugees by the end of the year. General Hillier says the security risks are manageable, and frankly he knows more about the security issues than you do.

As to claims that ISIS flags have been displayed in Germany by Syrian refugees, they are ridiculous. The people fleeing to Europe are not ISIS supporters, and if there are any ISIS fighters hiding among them, they did not travel all the way to German to just out themselves by displaying flags.

Also, Canada would not be taking refugees from Europe, but would be selecting people from the camps. The idea that ISIS fighters are going to sit around in refugee camps on the off chance they might get selected to go to Western Countries is laughable. There are millions of refugees and displaced persons in the camps. The odds of ISIS fighters getting picked out of that sea of people is tiny, and such it would be waste of their resources.


Oh, did that feel good.

ETA: Oh, just as I am finishing up, dude is replying to me again. Should I mention to the regular, church-going Catholic that the Pope says to take them in?


Nah, it’s nearly midnight. I think I have dealt enough with the paranoid for one day.

ETA: Just to give you a sense of how... Interesting, this guy is, he used to work on the campaign of his local Conservative Candidate. When Stephen Harper appointed the last round of Senators, dude was mad that he wasn’t picked. He thought working on a cabinet minister’s election campaign should be sufficient grounds for a seat in the Senate.


In his day to day life, this guy is a truck driver, who lived in his parents’ basement until they died, and them moved upstairs.

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