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This whole thing is just pissing me off on so many levels. Ramblings to follow.

Obviously it’s gross. Hands down. Not disputing that.

It’s interesting the visceral angry grossed out response people have to it. What’s the health/food safety risk? Genuine question. Ice cream is kept below freezing. 37-141 is the range of OH FUCK NO for food safety temp. And even then, it’s only after 4 hours in that range that bacteria/viruses grow at fast enough rates to make people sick.


More to the point, people buy food like apples all the time and eat them without washing them (myself included). People and their gross dirty hands touch all sorts of things we buy and eat without washing. People don’t bother washing their hands before they eat all the time. And that’s assuming people preparing foods follow appropriate food safety guidelines. Which is often debatable.

My dad was freaking out about because OMG WHAT IF SHE HAS AIDS. I remember learning HIV isn’t even transmitted by kissing. Maybe of you have canker sores or some other open wound, but not likely at all.

Fucking Blue Bell’s knowing negligence led to 3 people dying from Listeria, with no criminal charges, but a 17 yr old POC girl is getting potentially charged with a felony and up to 20 years in jail.

I’ve seen memes on facebook comparing it to the Tylenol murders in the 80s. Okay, licking a carton of ice cream is not comparable to intentionally replacing Tylenol with potassium cyanide with express intent to kill people.


I certainly don’t have this all hashed out. But we let young white boys off without jail time for rape all the time. This girl is probably going to get jail time because fucking Texas wants to make an example out of her.

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