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I’ve got a nasty cold and was all set to make myself some homemade chicken soup. I am stuck in suburbia with no car, so I cleverly ordered in my groceries by delivery. It’s 6 pm, here, and they just got here so I was getting all set to prep when I realize that I never took my chicken out of the freezer. I have no microwave. I have it in a bowl of warm water now, but will I be okay sticking the suckers into my broth half frozen? Am I going to be able to cut it up into chunks?



Thanks for all of your helpful advice. I’ve got much more confidence dealing with meats that aren’t just fresh or I haven’t had the opportunity to thaw in the way I prefer (slowly, in the refrigerator). This is great because I suck plenty at planning! Normally I react by deciding I’ll just eat cheese, go without, or get take out. But I really had my heart set on soup today.


Anyway, the soup was delicious. It was chicken with leeks, fresh asparagus, peas, and then dill for garnish. Tasty and soothing. Here’s a crappy photo.

What did you eat today?

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