Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Not gonna talk about that headphones article or the parody poop version on the mainpage, short version, weird instructions on how to talk to women when they are wearing headphones or pooping .

But it made me remember a girl who lived on a different floor than me in my dorm. She went on endlessly about how rude people are because they refused to talk to her in the shower. She’d tell them good morning and start small talking and they’d say nothing. She’d go on rants to the entire floor about how everyone was so mean and she was just spreading joy by talking to them. How we as a ‘house’ needed to start talking more in the shower.


It was the weirdest fucking thing. I am so glad she was not on my floor because morning me would have told her to go fuck herself. Shower time is quiet time not listening to your inane bullshit.

What bat shit entitled social interactions have you managed to dodge or walked into.

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