You stupid stupid stupid internet-ad-making people.

Right now, being awake at about midnight and bouncing around the Internet for no good reason, I loathe you.

I've gotten used to those "This weird fruit is the SUPER SAIYAN of weight loss! Never diet again!" ads that keep popping up everywhere. Ads happen. It's okay.

You've got a finger lime as your magic exotic fruit? Finger limes, sure, those are unusual. I definitely had to look that up. Throwing out a picture of a durian, yeah, that works. You don't see them all that often. I…I think I might have seen some kind of squash once, but, you know, there are a lot of kinds of squash! It kind of makes sense. Could be a weird squash. But.

That there? Is a tomato.

A tomato.

No one is going to click your ad to see what bizarre miracle fruit will lose them a million pounds.