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Job application woes herein.

I applied for a Social Media manager/blogger position for a large company that is in my hometown. I can literally walk to it, and it would pay about $3k more than my current job that requires I drive 530+ miles/week. Plus I'd be an actual employee rather than a 1099, and there are legit opportunities for growth. All good stuff.

However... They want five references, three of whom are current or former supervisors, to fill out a 45-minute long skills and character survey. PLUS their interview process is THREE AND A HALF HOURS LONG.


What the fuck is this shit? You're not Google, get a goddamned grip, people! You're a company on the fringes of the entertainment industry. Calm yo' tits. I had a job at a private school where some of the world's wealthiest and most powerful people sent their children and the application process was less than half this.

Ugh, so annoyed.

What's the most rigorous job application process you've ever participated in? The Foreign Service Exam? FBI? Tell me things, GT

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