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That John Oliver food waste thing

I know it was a few days ago, which is forever in internet time, but as I was eating supper tonight I remembered it and how a part of it is that people throw out food instead of eating leftovers. It always blows my mind that people won’t eat cooked food the next day. Can anyone here actually cop to / explain that? And who actually goes by expiration dates? Vegetables go bad when they’re mushy, cheese goes bad when you can no longer cut off any mold, and milk goes bad when its chunky.

I grew up in a big family (8 people), and my mom actually grew and froze/canned most of our vegetables. Anything that wasn’t eaten at supper became part of supper the next night. Probably because we knew exactly how much work went into our food (and how little money there was to replace it), NOTHING was thrown out. I can remember my brother having icing sandwiches after birthdays whenever Mom had some left after making a cake. To this day, I factor leftovers into my food plan. Every time I cook I make enough for 4-6 portions, and we eat it 2 to 3 days in a row. It means I don’t have to spend an hour cooking every day after work- who on earth doesn’t appreciate that? I have a coworker who literally didn’t even know you could use microwaves to reheat food. Another said she always feels weird asking for restaurant leftovers to be packed up, like she’s asking for charity. My first big non-essential home purchase was a chest freezer, which meant I could cook even more and have more leftovers. Any time I dig something out of my fridge that absolutely has to go in the garbage, I feel the shame of my ancestors rolling over in their graves.


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