My car got stolen. My attempt to ring out the terrible old year with my awesome boyfriend got canceled. Due to scheduling conflicts and a health problem, awesome boyfriend and I haven't been able to reschedule— or even hang out. Then I got mainpaged and barraged with men unwittingly proving my point about mildly misogynist microaggression. I've been sad. I've been eating cookies because they settled my stomach enough to eat a meal eventually. I've been doing a lot of Groupdrinking to make myself feel better, mostly rum and soda. (Pictured above, mental illness, squalor, internet group therapy.)


Then I got some bad news that led to a very depressing realization that I'm not yet willing to share. I took a very small dose of panic pill, ate some sushi, stopped drinking, and cut out sugar. I've felt better ever since. That's not to say that I'm hunkey dorey, but I'm far more functional than I was before I got the bad news. There are some major issues on my horizon and right now, I can do nothing to address some of them. That's ok.

Some part of me wonders if I've just broken through to the other side, hitting rock bottom and thus the reset button. But I'm pretty sure that's not the only thing.

I have a tendency towards hypoglycemia. My ability to eat cookies and drink rum with soda is contingent on eating at least two meals with meat per day. As long as I keep up the non-sugar portions of my prescribed diet, I can occasionally eat sugar. I was eating sugar several times per day and not keeping up the rest of my diet.


Typical side-effects: fatigue, dizziness, headaches, depression, nervousness, nausea, panic attack. Check, check, and check. Since I stopped having sugar, those have all gotten better.

I hate my dietary issues. Some of them are sneaky bastards.

How have you been screwing yourself over, mentally-ill, squalor-inhabiting group therapy members?

ETA: In case anyone doesn't recognize the cartoons above except maybe to wonder why the clean all the things person is on a bike, omfg go read Hyperbole and a Half right now.