Like, actually acting and stuff.

I finally got around to watching Orphan Black this weekend, and I like it so far! Only seen the first episode.

So I'm just, you know, watching, and it all of a sudden registers that I KNOW THIS GUY. It was the weirdest thing—I was like "oh my god, oh my god.....oh my god!" My cousin's best friend since high school, Dylan, has been acting forever it seems like. The last thing I remember hearing he was in was Passions, or something. It's not like I know him well, but I am somewhat close to my cousin and always used to see him.

It was just odd, I didn't realize it was him for the first few moments he was on screen. Nicest guy too, super sweet. Amazing that you can be acting for 15+ years and have it take that long to get something solid. That's some serious stick-to-it-ness.

So.....yay Dylan!