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That moment when you think, "Why did I ever like this person?!"

I got on my computer just to type this up. I just saw a status posted by a guy I liked for over a whole year but who was just a freaking jerk (something I couldn't come to terms with for a while), and it made me SO angry. The status was about why ABC news was prioritizing the coverage of "a British chef" getting beat up by her husband over a government spying scandal. FUCK him, brushing domestic abuse under the rug isn't going to solve anything. And it is big news because Nigella Lawson is a TV personality (I used to watch her on TV when I was around 10!) and her husband is a powerful and affluent person who apparently isn't afraid to "take control" in public. I understand that there are more important things out there in the world to cover, but to some people, this news could also be very important. Ugh, why did I ever like this guy?!


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