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That New TV Show I'm Probably Not Going to Watch

Yesterday morning on my way to work I caught a 30-second glimpse of Tina Fey's new show The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. My roommate, a fellow GTer, was watching it on Netflix while she ate her breakfast. I've been hearing a lot about this show, from her and from a lot of other folks on Groupthink. "SO hilarious!!! OMG! Have to watch!"

I thought to myself, like most of you probably did when you first heard about it, "Yay!! Tina Fey is back! Can't wait!" That was fully what I had planned to do with my Saturday.

The 30 second clip I saw yesterday, along with this article I read this morning, changed my mind though.


In the clip I happened upon at breakfast, some perky White girl from a show I don't remember (was it Selfie?) was talking to an Asian dude who had a FOB accent and an incredulous "Ah-so-you-Americans-so-wise" look on his face. STOP. That's a wrap. Done and over it already. That told me pretty much everything I needed to know about the show.

My roommate must have had one of those awkward moments that White people have when a POC walks in the room and suddenly they realize that the ethnic joke they were just laughing at is probably racist and not actually funny to people of that ethnicity. I say that because before I could say anything except, "Oh is this that show?" and without seeing my face she stammered out, "Yeah...uh...this part isn't great. But the show is really good though! You have to give it a chance!"

Do I though?

I just shrugged and answered that I could probably do without the Long Duck Dong character. Then I read this article and find out that among other things they actually named that character Dong.


Yeah...I'm thinking I could do without this show entirely. This wouldn't be the first time I've found Tina Fey problematic (a la #whitefeminism) on race. Disappointing but not exactly a shock.


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