I was thinking about this last night before they go to bed. But, I’m sure most of us have a person in our life that changed it without even knowing it. I’m not talking about something big, like an influential teacher, but the small things.

In my case, it’s one of my co-workers. We met at a work social event; after he was headed to a pub trivia event and invited me along, and then kept inviting me. Thanks to that one little invite, I found an activity that I love, gets me out of the house one or two nights a week, and I’m making friends through it. That simple invite helped me cultivate the entire life I feel like I’m slowly building here.

Now for him, it wasn’t a big thing. They needed another teammate, I’m good at trivia. Even now, we are only somewhere between acquaintances and friends...Like I’d invite him to my birthday party but not my wedding. But, for me, that one little invite really changed my life here.