Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Yesterday I was damn near attacked by my terrible neighbor’s dog because their gate was, once again, open. The German shepherd is old and now in obvious pain, so I’m not really surprised he’s behaving this way and it’s not his fault; it’s the idiot humans’ fault for letting him get like this and letting him loose on the neighborhood. Called 911, spent an hour dealing with police/police dealing with the home owner. At least now they’ve been officially cited, and the police will be monitoring the ongoing situation. The responding officer was amazing, really concerned for the dogs’ welfare, and encouraged me to keep heat on the issue.

So this morning, as TS and I left her neurologist appointment, I joked that maybe we’d get through today without any police. 30 minutes later, cue a mini van backing into my parked car and driving off. Luckily my brilliant child (who was in the car) snapped pics of her plate and the paint transfer on her bumper, which made it very easy for another very nice police officer to track her down. I just got my bumper replaced like a month ago after some other moron backed into me! It’s just paint damage this time, but come on! After all this, and being Friday, I decided we need beer. I nearly got t-boned TWICE on my way to Total Wine! Just minding my own damn business, driving along. Wtf, universe? Seriously?


If anyone needs me, I’ll be under my bed.

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