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“That’s What This Whole Thing is For,

not to get an old man's panties in a bunch"

I guess someone nominated my 60-something boss to do the ice bucket challenge thing. I heard him telling his sons (who also work here) that he really doesn't want to do it. His family has a history of stroke and heart disease, so he'd rather spend his charity dollars there.

He was getting somewhat worked up about how he felt he was being manipulated into doing something he doesn't want to – either icing himself or donating to a cause that isn't a priority for him. I personally would have just ignored the nomination altogether, but one of the sons suggested donating to the Heart and Stroke Foundation and then just saying that you donated but leaving out where to.


Afterall, "it's the spirit of giving, that's what this whole thing is for..."

I absolutely think that if you have the money to pass on the challenge or are okay with dumping ice on yourself, party on. But it is manipulative if you don't have the money to pass or the inclination to ice yourself. I personally have neither and would homerbush if I were nominated. A better resource for me to donate is my time and I do volunteer for causes I support so I have no trouble sleeping at night.

It's just a shame that because this is all done so publicly, you're essentially shamed into donating your body or your money. I can't suggest a better option, as this is the same mechanism that has made this campaign go viral, it's just shitty that you can't necessarily do what's best for you without looking heartless.

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