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Welcome To The Bitchery

I completely forgot this random encounter. When I was a senior in high school I worked at the town library. Now the library in my hometown is like a top library, with really heavy traffic and people come from all over the county to use it. Meg Cabot was doing a reading for one of the Princess Diaries sequels and she was waiting in the break room while they got her reading setup.

I just assumed she was some random library volunteer or trustee so I was polite but really more focused on my Hot Pocket dinner. We chatted about my department since I was in Media the coolest department (not really). Then some lady from the Children's Department comes in and is horrified that I'm not like gushing over MEG CABOT. I admitted that I didn't know she was the speaker, she laughed and said I was a bit out of her usual age range of fans. Then the stupid children's librarian ended up making me admit I hadn't even seen the movie, and like not a big deal but um kind of weird. (I finally saw the movie a couple years ago, it's a less dirty Pretty Woman up to and including Hector Elizondo).


So Meg Cabot still haven't read her books, but she's gracious enough to be nice and make conversation with a goofy kid who eats Hot Pockets for dinner.

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