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That unfortunate moment

When you take a step back and look at your life and realize "huh. Everything is a damn mess."

This is a tad unfortunate. I have come to the realization that my previous plan to (literally and figuratively) hide away and ignore everything for the better part of 3 months was a fundamentally poor idea.

I mean granted some good did come out of it. I pretty much focused all of my energy on therapy and dealing with my brainz, so seeing the massive pile of shit in front of me right now is not freaking me out, amazingly enough. Oh, and I also got to a point where I'm perfectly content being alone. Turns out that forcing yourself to be alone for months on end will ultimately make you be okay with it.


So that much is good. But last night when I finally poked my head out from under my rock and, ya know, checked my email I realized that I've let quite a lot of crap build up that I now must sort through.

It's nothing detrimental, mostly school stuffs. I may need to retake some classes next semester, which isn't the worst thing in the world. Going to see what I can salvage this semester but worst case scenario, I'll accept defeat and retake some things. Not like I was graduating anytime soon anyway.

I also realized that I may be moving in a month or two, and I have not even attempted to start packing. Which is mildly problematic.

So, yeah. Huh. Looks like I got some cleaning to do. Anyone got a mop that I can borrow?

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