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That was fun. Nope.

Last night I only wanted to do one thing - sleep. I had to be up early yesterday to drop off the kiddo with my parents so I could go to an early appointment to meet my new doctor before work. She was awesome at least. The night before I had gotten very little sleep. I was having a really weird dream where lil guy and I were out west and running from something. In the dream I said out loud to myself "I have to get lil guy right now!". I say straight up, wide awake in bed and heard what sounded like little sleepy coughs. Right then I was SO happy that we bed share because little guy was laying on his back sleeping, and vomiting. I pulled him up to a sit and he stuck his hands in his mouth to scoop it out before I even could. He then vomited two more times before we went back to sleep on a cleaned off bed and on top of a towel at almost 1:00 am. His stomach is still off, but no more crazy sleep vomiting. Obviously I didn't sleep well the rest of the night...

So last night I was all cozy in the freshly made bed when the dog starts freaking out. I thought hmmmm must be something outside.. Do I smell skunk? Nah, probably just think that because I saw one earlier. Wait, where's the dumb dumb cat? I get out of bed and in the living room there is a *very* strong skunk smell. I look out the window, here comes dumb dumb cat, slowly, to the door. He looks like Church from Pet Semetary ha! Miserable, squinty, soaked and drooling. So at 11:00 last night I got to haul a skunk sprayed, fat, screaming dumb dumb cat into the bathroom and wash him with a baking soda/peroxide/dish liquid mix. He was less than thrilled. Of course lil guy woke up because the cat was screaming, yowling and being the loudest grossest cat ever. So once the cat was washed and banished to the basement for the night ( his food, litter and floor to ceiling climbing tower are down there, it's not creepy) I got to settle lil guy back to sleep and clean up a bit before going to sleep myself. I've got cinnamon baking on a cookie sheet to destink the house, puke sheets from the other night in the wash and a cat to wash again, as well as a destroyed bathroom to wash. Goooooood times.


Here's to hoping the rest of the week is better!! Maybe even get some more stuff sold online!

*edited to add picture of the cat who knows he screwed up

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