I had to go in for some dental work today. Nothing major, just a deep cleaning. Apparently one of the lovely side effect of perimenopause that they don't tell you about is that it can affect your gums. So I ended up with plaque (is that how that's spelled?) below my gum line, which apparently can then cause problems with the bone ... I don't know, it can be a real mess. And considering I have zero cavities, it'd be a real shame to lose these damn teeth at this point.

But, I gag pretty easily and this was going to be pretty painful because they were going to have to really dig around and it was going to take awhile. So they suggested something called oral conscious sedation. Basically, they gave me some pills to take before I came in and said that would relax me. It was something I had never taken before, Halcion. Holy cow. Remember that scene in Sixteen Candles?

Yeah, in short, I felt FUNKAY! I barely felt the trillion and one shots they gave me in my gums, I have a fuzzy recollection of talking to the tech about why is it that numbing your gums makes your lips feel so weird, then the next thing I know, she's telling me to call my husband and tell him he can come pick me up, and I realized over an hour has passed. (There was no way I was calling - I would have sounded like the Swedish Chef, so I texted him ... something). Somehow I made it to the car - oh yeah, after paying them ... something. And then I stumbled into the house after grabbing ... something to drink. And then I fell into bed and slept for 5 freaking hours.


When I woke up to my husband saying, "You've been sleeping this whole time!" the first thing I said was, "Holy shit, my mouth hurts. Where's my vicodin?" So, in short, my day was shot to hell. And that was only one side of my mouth. I have to repeat the whole thing and do the other side next week.

Weird. The whole experience was just weird. It's like I have a hole where my day was supposed to be. Oh, and it feels like someone punched me in the face and I forgot all about it.