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That'll do, summer

Unpopular opinion alert: I am done with summer. Done. Bring on sweater weather!

I live in an apartment with no air conditioning and I hate it. I hate being sweaty all the time. I hate not being able to sleep because it’s too hot. I hate feeling cranky and exhausted every day. After three days of 40+ degree heat and 80% humidity, I was actually looking forward to going back to work after the long weekend, just so I could escape the stifling air in my apartment. I’m super sensitive to humidity, so this weather is basically killing me. I normally seek refuge at SleepyGene’s condo, but he’s in Tennessee this week and he forgot to lend me his spare key.

I feel like the 31 year-old equivalent of Old Man Shakes Fist at Cloud, but I am so done with this summer. I just want the temperature to go down a few degrees, so I can sleep at night again and not feel constantly sweaty and cranky.



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