So, a few weeks ago I went in to see my doctor about a fall that led to some swelling in my chest and uneven man boobs. I was x-rayed and prescribed a few days of painkillers to reduce the swelling, and he sent me to a cardiologist to check some slight irregularities in my ECG.

This morning I was injected with dye, pumped full o' ultrasound and read by magnets.

And two hours ago I found out that there's scar tissue in my heart.

The irregularities have been affecting how much blood my heart has been getting, and may have making my panic attacks worse than they really were. Which is an irony since years of panic attacks may have had a hand in the stress scarring to begin with.

In a week or so, I'll go in to get more dye pumped directly into my heart. And if the scarring is bad enough, they'll do the whole balloon rotor-rooter thing.

I'm thirty-fucking-seven.

I am so not in a good mood, that even some Steam Sale purchases aren't helping.