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That's one way to end the school year...

Today was the last day of school, and after school, I was in the office with the Kindergarteners hadn’t been picked up yet.

I see a mother of one of my students walk in the office, and she looks angry. She’s not looking for me though, she is looking for the Principal because of something that happened with her older daughter. I don’t know what went down, but I overhear her mutter something about how her daughter “is always the one in trouble (she is frequently in trouble) and then this boy does this to her.” She is immediately followed into the office by another mother, who is known to be difficult. Last year she got into a physical altercation with different mother at the end of the Spring concert while the Kindergarteners were on stage. She looks really angry as well, but seems to be with the first mother.

The first mother walks back to the Principal’s office, but before she can speak to him, he is up and out of his office, telling her he will be back in a few minutes. The two mothers stand together, talking amongst themselves, and seem really unhappy.


A few minutes after this, the first mother’s oldest daughter comes into the office. She’s high school age and is dressed up. She speaks briefly to her mother and then walks up to the front desk and starts yelling at the secretary to get the Principal back right away because “It’s my graduation day and some boy pissed on my little sister. The police are coming, so the Principal better get out here.”

The poor secretary at that desk is a timid woman, and just gets this look like a deer in the headlights and says nothing. The girl keeps yelling, until one of the teachers and head secretary talk her down.

At this point the last of the Kindergarteners gets picked up, and the VP has been paging all of the staff to head to the library to say goodbye to a teacher who is leaving the school, so I left the office and I don’t know how things ended up.

But given that my Principal is terrible at dealing with student behaviour and addressing parental concerns, I don’t feel particularly sorry for him having to deal with that.

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