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Thatz Not Okay: Abortion Edition

I'm somehow still engaged in a lengthy, verbose thread on an article from a while back regarding termination and disability. I will not link it here or mention the user I've been conversing with by name, because I've no wish to "call her out" so to speak. I merely want to engage with GT on the salient issues discussed in our "conversation."

My thoughts and points in the course of this thread have been the following:

* There's no right or wrong reason to have an abortion, and if you're going to openly and aggressively judge the horseshit out of women who have a termination under circumstances in which you personally would not, you're not prochoice. By that definition, the Republicans who would deign to allow women an abortion following a "legitimate" enough rape are prochoice. Que hysterical laughter.


* Yes, Virginia, morality is subjective. No, morality isn't objective because you don't have the authority to rename foreign countries (I'm confused too). What is moral to me is not moral to everyone else. I might to choose to terminate under X and Y conditions. You might believe that isn't acceptable. I respect your right to do what is right in your mind according to your conscience. I might believe that it's moral to take my child to church, whereas you may believe that is immoral indoctrination and a violation of his or her right to explore the meaning of the world uninfluenced. Do you! Let me do me.

* There is no "moral community" to which the species must justify its choices. This person's insistence that strangers must explain their reasons and justify personal decisions *specifically to her* because "the right to privacy" isn't sufficient to shield them from her scrutiny is offensive. Offensive and maddening. I apologize and feel guilty for my aggressive tone, but I was outraged that this stranger felt it was her place to demand justification for private decisions of mine.

For the record, I've only ever had a termination of a presumably healthy embryo because Fellowology and I were not ready to be parents. She deems that permissible. I don't give a flying fuck what she deems permissible. But that I would also choose to terminate under circumstances in which she would not requires explanations that satisfy her, and I have failed to justify my hypothetical choices to the "moral community" that I guess consists of one stranger on the internet.

Am I crazy? And more to the point, what are the various thoughts of the GTers out there? I welcome respectful disagreement and discussion!

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