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The 2013 Lovers Guide to &%*$(*@ Williams-Sonoma

There's a lot of curse words in here. Because I fucking love Williams-Sonoma.

There will be no prices listed. I don't care, I can't afford any of this shit anyways.

Look at this fucking bay leaf wreath. It's God damned gorgeous. And I bet it smells fucking amazing. Fucking classy places have bay leaf wreaths hanging on their doors.


Full disclosure. I've had some of this Peppermint Bark that's outrageously bloody expensive. And you know what? It's bloody delicious. It is the best fucking peppermint bark I've ever eaten. My mom buys it, and I'm not about to tell her she's a dumb-ass for buying this shit because it's so good.

I would buy the shit out of this dutch oven. Because I would cook up some delicious shit, like Coq au Vin. And it would be fucking delicious and I would share it with all of you shit-asses.


This fucking dipping oil. No, it's not that special. But I fucking love bread, and so all of the delicious oils to me to dip my fucking delicious and expensive WS bread into.


SIX MONTHS OF FUCKING DELICIOUS CUPCAKES. Fuck, I live in a rural area, PUT IT ALL IN MY MOUTH NOW! How could you not want six months of cupcakes? IMPOSSIBLE!


Oh, and a fucking waffle iron that I can actually take the god damn waffle irons out of to wash instead of washing the piece of shit in one big piece to where it's impossible to get all the tiny pieces of charcoal-ed batter off, and you end up just wanting to throw it away because it's such a hassle to use.

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