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The vast majority of these movies except for any with Tom Cruise have not aired since the 90s. USA aired a lot of these films in the early 90s. Same with HBO.

One theme to quite a few movies took place on movie sets. Where either a few male friends who worked for a studio tried to make a fake movie by having casting of women just to get them to undress. Or creating their own fake studio did casting calls for fake movies to get women to undress.

Many of these films the lead male would fall in love with one of the women he and his friends are casting realize he was wrong then try to make a real movie.


This entire sexual abuse case with Weinstein makes me remember these films and recalling they were called sex comedies. In retrospect hell no were they comedies.

What the hell were we thinking in that era a) calling sexual exploitation as comedy, b) watching them. They were popular then.

I also cannot help but wonder if these films normalized in some ways this behavior and that for some men entering Hollywood to work backstage these sex comedies didn’t shape their perceptiom

The overwhelming majority of sex comedies from this era is complete dreck. John Hughes of the 80s were by some considered teen sex comedies but really coming of age movies.


I love the 80s but the sex comedy was a shameful era of movies in terms of misogyny. Some were direct to video probably how USA got so many. Cinemax also. USA were . editted.


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