Amazon is doing it's pilot season again, which I love how they approach it. They put up a bunch of pilots, you get to watch them, and then take a survey about it if you want. Then they produce the ones people like.

I just watched The After, directed by Chris Carter, you know, the dude from the X-Files. Holy crap. It's good you guys. Or at least mostly good. Basically, it's a group of 8 strangers dealing with an unknown apocalypse.

There is definitely a setup for an intriguing intricate sci-fi serial. The ending is pretty wtf.

However, there's some bad things:

  • The lead's accent annoys the crap out of me. Apparently I don't like French accents. She also goes back and forth between doing really smart things and really stupid things (which, in crisis, is understandable). She is really concerned about her phone that doesn't work.
  • The exterior scenes after the apocalypse are annoying. People just randomly roaming around aimlessly.
  • The characters aren't incredibly developed, but it's a pilot, so...

Anyway, if you're an X-Files, Supernatural, or Lost fan,check it out. (I don't know if it requires Prime. If it does, sorry). It has a lot of potential, and I hope they make it (I think they will).