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Welcome To The Bitchery
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The Aftermath & the Kindness

2 weeks ago yesterday, this happened,


Grampa/ Father died from his injuries last Saturday. Burns over 40%, respirator. Jerry never woke up, so we can hope there was no pain. But because he never woke up, tragic for his loved ones.

The Memorial Service is tomorrow and it's going to be a heartbreaker.

Meantime, I'll make this post short & to the point...

Over $1600 in cash passed through my hands to Mommy's. Plus, another $500 in gift cards. And that is just me; another $5000 was raised on GoFundMe. The rallying spirit of neighbors & strangers was truly inspiring. Neighbor loving neighbor. My own money went to comforter sets for the twins, a weeks worth of food shopping for breakfast, lunch & dinner, Hot Wheels, sports nonsense, laundry, pajamas. I know my neighbor would have done the same for me.


I kept hours at my workshop yesterday and my plea was total, necessary assholery. I stated in plain English, "Don't do a "closet clean out" or bring me broken, used up shit. Yes, I said, "Don't bring me your shit." I've volunteered through enough disasters to know that the second wave (donations) can be as bad as the first wave (disaster.)

People were AMAZING! I'm deeply grateful & awestruck by what people will do for people they don't know. Neighbor to unknown neighbor, Mother to Mother, Heart to beautiful heart.


There is HOPE & KINDNESS in this world, GroupThinkers.

Trust me; I've found it here, too, y'all internet strangers.

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