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The Americans -- anyone watching?

Last night's ep of The Americans had two major plot developments that I'm desperate to discuss! Spoilers ahead.

1. "Clark" asking Martha to marry him, and then going through with it all of a sudden! Wiggity-WHAT? (Which reminds me, with all their bedroom antics, how has his wig stayed on?) I cannot believe that. And LOL at Claudia and Elizabeth dressed up as his family.

2. Nina's confession — I figured she'd try to regain control of that situation at some point. I wondered whether that pin the Resident gave her was some sort of bug — probably not, but now I'm just second-guessing everything.


Other things: LOVED Claudia playing tabletop Pac-man. I sure hope they don't replace her — but frankly I don't understand why Elizabeth doesn't get the idea that people need to be tested sometimes, for loyalty; she tests her contacts for loyalty too, and uses threats and actual violence. She (E) is so unhinged! Russell and Martindale are just fantastic, I hope they get Emmy nominations. And Paige and her boy troubles — it seems like the whole kids thing should be more of a strain on E and P's schedules than it is. I'm surprised we haven't seen a school play conflict with an important meet; that may be cliche, but it would be realistic, maybe?

So glad this show was renewed for a second season —

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