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Take* this test.

I wouldn't say it's the most comprehensive test, and every time I took it, I got paired with animals who do not describe my personality at all (One result had me paired with an animal whose described as good construction workers. Pfft. yeah, if you want your house to fall down). Still, like most personality tests, it's a fun way to associate yourself with something for a few hours before you forget.


The whole "spirit animal" appropriation business in modern (non-native) youth society is eye-rollingly false, but there's something to be said about connecting yourself with an animal. Animals come in all different shapes, sizes, and personalities just like people. It's fun to connect your weak human body to a stronger and more hearty creature because it gives you strength. While souls and courage are hard concepts to visualise, it's easy to visualise a bear and all the things associated with the animal.

I took the quiz, then re-took, and took again. Furthermore, I searched the rest of the animal menagerie for animals that capture my personality.The first animal connection that didn't have me saying "do you even know me, quiz?" was for the bat. Bats, in the quiz, were described as unique and kind of moody, but very creative. Yeah, I'm a special snowflake. Whatcha gonna do about it? The second animal that I came across to allighn with my personality and abilities was the penguin. Penguins were described as awkward and sensitive, and use creative endeavors as an outlet for thier feelings over being so awkward. With awkward being my forte, I could really connect with the penguin's plight. But what do I do when my corresponding animals are more than one? Why, you mix it up!Yeah, that's right:

I am BatPenguin.

And with that, I am going to go either save metropolis or destroy it for shunning me.Your guess is as good as mine. Feel free to share what animal you got!

* Or don't take it. I'm big on consent.

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