We were over there yesterday. The worst of their hoard is gone, but the still have every available piece of wall space on their main floor and basement lined with furniture, much of it shoulder height, making it feel very small. Their place is a middle unit 2 bedroom townhouse so it is small and dark to begin with, and this isn’t helping.

Their realtor (after saying for years they were going to sell it themselves, they surprised everyone and got a realtor) has it up on a website, and has does this photoshop thing where they stretch the picture so the place looks bigger, only they did it really badly. In one picture there’s a deacon’s bench along a wall, so when they stretched it, the bench looks the size of a church pew. Is it just me, or is obvious photo manipulation in a housing listing a turn off? If the place is so small you think have to trick me, that seems like it isn’t worth my time.

Even worse, the house still reeks of mould from the moment you walk in the front door. I am beginning to wonder if they even notice it anymore, because it is definitely worse in the basement, and ASiL has her herb drying rack set up down there. She gave me some herbs last year that smelt so strongly of mould that I threw them out.


There are 5 other townhomes in their neighbourhood with a comparable number of bedrooms that are currently for sale. They have theirs listed for cheapest, about $9000 less than the next lowest one. They say their realtor says he can sell it fast, but I am skeptical. Mould is a tricky thing, and could easily cost more than the $9000 difference between their unit and the rest of the townhouses. It certainly doesn’t seem to be enough of a discount to attract a flipper or someone who is going to buy, renovate and rent it out. I doubt anyone would want it to buy and move into immediately.

They seem to have given up on buying a new house, because they are now talking about renting. They want a three bedroom detached home with a yard and a garage. ABiL is s part time RPN, and ASiL isn’t working so there is no way they could afford the mortgage on that. I personally even wonder if they can afford to rent something like that. They live in a city with two universities and a college, so the rental market is a bit inflated.

I do hope they get rid of the house. They need to get away from the mould. I’ve been able to smell it for at least 3 years, and I suspect the root of it is when the sewer backed up into their basement 4-5 years ago. They redid the basement after that, but I think they missed something.