So last week the Annoying Inlaws posted to Facebook that they had sold their house. Their closing date was the beginning of October, and they had found a house to rent for mid Sept.

Well, then something happened. I don’t know what but today ABiL texted Mr. Ivriniel to say “Wooo! We have a bid.”

Then within an hour, he texted Mr. I yet again to tell him the bid had been withdrawn, because the home inspector had found mould. This is no surprise to us, given that I first smelt mould in their place 3 years ago, and it has only gotten worse. We figure they must have know about the mould and have been doing things to mask the smell when the house is shown, because otherwise I don’t understand why anyone would bid at all.


Mr. Ivriniel asked what they are going to do, and ABiL said they are going to bring in a mould remediation company to fix it. He then asked if they were still going through with their rental.

ABiL told Mr I that they are doing 2 showings this weekend, and he is confident that one of them will bid, so they are still going to go through with the rental.

Presumably if anyone does bid, he will have to tell them about the remediation. I mean the buyers are going to want to send in an inspector, and the Annoying Inlaws won’t want the inspector to come until the work is finished.

Who in their right mind would put a bid on a house, find out that mould remediation work is about to begin (they haven’t found a company yet, so things won’t start until at least last week.) and keep their bid in place while waiting for the work to finish?


My FiL’s girlfriend is a realtor. She says that word about things like mould spread quickly among realtors, and they stop taking people to see places like this. Why waste your time on a place that might not pass inspection?

From what we can gather this is actually their third failed bid. We don’t know why the others failed, but Mr I says it is entirely possible that this is their third failed inspection due to mould, and they are only figuring out they can’t sneak it past home inspectors.


On the upside, the Annoying Inlaws ended up not asking Mr for a loan to help them cover first and last (they seemed to have compromised on their wish list. Even so, the ad for their new place was asking $1500 a month). He has decided he couldn’t afford to lend them money anyways. I suspect that as things develop we will hear from them about a loan again.