This afternoon, Mr. Ivriniel told me that his brother texted him to ask for a loan.

My immediate gut response:

Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

I ask how much and what for. He says his brother didn’t say. I say “Well, tell him you need more details before you can answer that.”I add that given the Annoying Inlaws history of poor financial decisions, my gut says no, but to be fair he should at least hear them out.


The response comes back “It’s for first and last rent. We will need somewhere between several hundred, and two thousand. It would be for just until our house sells.”

Who gives such a vague answer in response to how much they will need? This suggests to me that they have no idea how much they are going to have to pay in rent. Or they don’t know how much money they have to put towards first and last. Either way it doesn’t inspire confidence in their money handling ability.


Earlier in the week, ABiL posted to Facebook that they have a solid conditional offer on their house, and they will know in two weeks if the sale is goimg through. Privately, ABiL told his sister that the house is sold, and they have to move out by Nov 1. Don’t know what to make of the difference between the private and public messages.

Here’s the thing; Their house has a mould problem. It reeks and has for at least 3 years. Assuming that one of the conditions around the sale of the house is passing an inspection, they might not have sold it after all.


Ultimately it is Mr. Ivriniel’s decision, but I would feel a lot better about him lending the money if the sale were a done deal.