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The Annoying Inlaws have been Busy

So since the events of last night, there have been a flurry of phone calls and Facebook messages between various parts of the family, other than the Annoying Inlaws, and a complete picture of their activities have emerged.

It turns out that ASiL has been texting our FiL's girlfriend, telling her about Mr. i's drinking problem, and going on about how concerned she is about Mr. I and I going over to my FiL's house on Christmas Eve without the Annoying Inlaws to make sure Mr. I doesn't drink. She actually said that having Mr. I and his Dad together was "One drunkard leading another". FiL's girlfriend defended Mr. I and my FiL.


Mr. Ivriniel hadnt told his Dad's girlfriend about his situation, either, so not only is ASiL concern trolling, she is telling other people a story that is not hers to tell.

Every Friday, my FiL holds fish night, where one or more of his friends comes over. However on Friday night, his girlfriend was coming over for some help on her taxes, so my FiL cancelled fish night. While his girlfriend was over, ASiL texted the girlfriend to say they had a present for her. She told them she was at FiL's.

Annoying Inlaws came over. ASiL asked about fish night. FiL said he cancelled it. Out of nowhere ASiL says "Oh, you can cancel fish night for girlfriend, but not when ABiL was moving?"

Over five years ago, ABiL moved out of the house he shared with his first wife, and into ASiL's house. The move occurred in the evening, on Halloween night, no less. We had a bunch of people helping: Mr. I., me, OBiL and some of ABiL's Venturer Scouts. (Interestingly, ASiL did not help.). We really didn't need my 60 year old FiL to help. But apparently she took this as a slight and stored it up for over 5 years, until letting it rip Fri.


Apparently it shocked ABiL enough that he elbowed her to make her stop.

Then the Annoying Inlaws plunked the girlfriend's Christmas present on the table. It consisted of items that seemed to be regifted or taken from hotel bathrooms. Next the Annoying Inlaws helped themselves to the pizza FiL and his girlfriend were eating before leaving.


So then Sat. night ASiL called me and was obnoxious. After I hung up on her, ABiL called the girlfriend and asked if she had told anyone what ASiL had been texting her. Girlfriend denied telling anyone (I didn't know about it when I hung up on ASiL.) and ABiL said he did not understand why I hung up on ASiL.

My MiL has spoken to ABiL and he said that ASiL was feeling bad about her fish night comment and was looking for a way to make herself feel better. I'll bet at least part of it is she wanted us there today to run interference after her stupid comment.

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