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The Annoying Inlaws Plan a Birthday

Or not. It was their daughter's birthday this week, and apparently ABiL called his Mom to tell her when his family was available to celebrate it, and to ask her if his daughter's family birthday party was going to be at his Mom's place, or his sister's place.

My MiL told him she would get back to him. If it were me, I would have asked what he was planning, because at the moment we have no clue what they are expecting out of this. Last year they held the niece's birthday party at their place, but made it a dessert potluck and asked everyone to bring a dessert. When we arrived, they had cupcakes in the oven, but apparently those were for when ASiL's family came the next day, and they did not actually contribute any food.


OSiL is not happy about this, because she is doing her final placement in her Registered Practical Nurse program, and is juggling working full time as a PSW at a nursing home, while also doing student RPN shifts at the same nursing home. She doesn't have time to plan a birthday party.

Meanwhile, ASiL quit her part time job as a cashier to be a full time stay a home mom, so she definitely has more time on her hands than ASiL.


ASiL quit her job because ABiL is now working two part time RPN jobs. He apparently loves his second job as a triage RPN in an emergency room. He's only been working there a month, but is already "making suggestions on how to improve the Emergency Room". This is par for the course for him. When he told Mr. Ivriniel that he had been suggesting improvements, Mr. I tried to caution him, reminding him that he had done the same thing at other jobs, and it had not been well received, and ABiL replied "No, it's ok. They like the way I think." Something he has also claimed in the past at other jobs that he got fired from.

He also is trying to make this triage job sound as grandiose as possible, but OSiL says RPN triage means reading patients a checklist. He doesn't even get to do vitals.

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