Alex Peek, a rich, stay-at-home mother of two doesn't want a third baby because it will put a cramp in the plans she had for her first two children. And, at 38, she really really doesn't want to face another sleepless spell with a newborn. She won't get an abortion ("obviously," she explains, but fails to elaborate), and she isn't worried about being poor — she's literally just worried that she and her husband won't have the money to send all of their children to the best prep schools and provide them with the lavish lifestyle she had in mind.

Here's the thing... obviously she chose to share this with the Daily Mail, so eyerolls all around, but otherwise why is it so insane for a 38 year old woman to admit that she's disappointed that plans she put in place for her first two kids are now somewhat diminished due to a third, unplanned, baby? And why is it monstrous to say that she isn't dying to spend another year or two up all night taking care of a screaming infant?

Quoth the mother, Alex Peek:

‘I’ve ruined everything,’ I weep, my shoulders heaving, as my dreams of sending my two little darlings to exclusive prep schools vanish. Any notion of regularly treating them to regular consignments from Mini Boden is forgotten

It’s not that we can’t afford a third child. It’s more that the quality of life our two children enjoy will be irreparably damaged by another baby. Not to mention the fact Andrew and I had just started to emerge from the dark tunnel of broken nights, endless feeding and wailing.


And later it seems Alex forgets that her husband may have played some small part in this:

There is no one to blame for this but myself. My self-recrimination is only outweighed by my mortification. You hear of unplanned teenage pregnancies all the time, but unplanned thirtysomething pregnancies? Hardly.


And as the children weren’t so high-maintenance, Andrew could finally spend Saturday mornings on the golf course without coming home to frosty looks and long silences from me.


I think the main problem stems from the fact that, much like with the infamous Samantha Brick article from last year, there's something very bait-y about the way this was written. Like she knows the kind of response she'll elicit and, to some extent, she is deriving pleasure from bragging somewhat about her large (but obviously not inexhaustible) wealth.

But all the same... can women ever talk about their apprehension about pregnancy without being demonized?