Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

This is hard, y'all. The program I'm applying to has low acceptance rates across the board and I'm starting to have the sinking feeling that this year's round of applications is just going to be for funsies. I'm changing careers (seeking one instead of a job in the first place?) and waiting another year doesn't exactly give me the warm fuzzies. If I'd just decided a month earlier I could have started my pre-reqs a semester earlier and be better positioned to apply earlier than moments before the deadline for rolling admissions.



Anyway, does anyone have any ideas for awesome grad school applications? Interview tips (if I get so lucky!)? Ways to stand out when my GPA is below the average (one school said, no joke, "3.0 GPA required, 4.0 strongly recommended," LOLWUT? I didn't know I was applying to med school here!)? Any advice or life lessons would be much appreciated.


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