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The art of living alone

Ive been living alone for over a year now and almost a year in my own apartment and it feels even more amazing now that almost everything is in its place. Swapping my old book shelves for new ones was the latest change I did and it was the best decision ever. I love that every room is my own, that everything is me, that I can change everything without having to ask anyone.

Yesterday I came across the artist Yaoyao Ma Van As who made a lot of paintings visualizing her time alone and it’s just so perfect. It’s not about how awesome living alone is, but how content she feels, how there is warmth and light, but also those small moments were you feel lonely. I have those obviously on days were I don’t feel well, but at least with me I know it’d be awful living with someone again. It passes with the help of chocolate, TV and a call to my mom and I know anything but living alone’d be a nightmare for me.

Btw, I love the first one so much, because there is no second chair. At the moment there is a second chair in my kitchen, because there is no other place to put it other than the basement and it feels somehow wrong. If I have a visitor, we lounge on the couch, the kitchen is 100% my own space, even with visitors.


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