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the AV Club did a misogyny

Not sure if anyone around here has been following the blowup of the RWA (Romance Writers of America)? It’s one of, if not the largest, professional writer’s orgs in the USA and much of its membership is currently trying to get its President and Executive Board to step down due to a series of escalating bad acts, beginning with a racist sanction against one of their own ex-leaders. (Literally, the sanction was tone policing.)

And then AV Club publishes this garbage:


Reminder: Romance is the largest segment of publishing.* It is a sales juggernaut. Romance authors, by and large, are more prolific than authors of any other genre. This take is stupid. It’s not even good enough to qualify as offensive in the traditional sense, it’s offensive because it’s just too fucking dumb to live.

If you’re interested in the larger story, here’s a roundup of events as they stand:

Plus an update from today:


* So weird how people always have to remind people of this.

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