Sigh. I pretty much suspected it would, when Kelley Armstrong kept saying things like she "didn't have any involvement" with the show. I think I hate everything about it, though I will probably watch it anyway. I hate the opening credits, I hate the casting, I hate the changes they've made to the plot and the characters, I hate the relentless dreariness of the whole show. The animatronic wolves are dreadful. Damn, if you are gonna make a show about werewolves, spend the fucking money to make the wolves look better than something from a C Movie. There is zero emotional depth, which is impressive when the tone is incredibly depressing. If I hadn't read the book I would not give a shit about any of these people. I know I would not understand the subtext between Clay and Elena (btw: Clay - worst casting EVER.). Everything that makes the book good is missing. These people are not interesting. I do not like them or care about them. The shoddy production values make it hard to sustain my suspension of disbelief, which is impressive, since I've been reading science fiction and fantasy for over 40 years.