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The BALKER should be more frequent post of posts

On Backtalk, we like to provide a weekly review of things we are doing! It's to keep the shares down and the fun high! Party on! Totally. So let's get started.

We do a theme of the week and this week it is Ladies of Early Film. I've talked about Mary Pickford and there was this post about an amazing woman from early film—a real trailblazer.


It's been a while since i've done this because you know it was the KINJAPOCALYPSE. Or KINJAGEDDON. Or KINJRANGOROK so this will be the briefest of reviews. But there's lots of fun stuff over at Backtalk that aren't even included in this post.

Eastmeetswest brings us some thinking about pseudoscience, Clementine graces us with her Sunday Poem Shitshow, Owl brings us a story about the unemployment rate in Spain among youth, Madame Puddifoot shows us a Cabinet of Internet Curiousities, and intherain brings us a new fun musical video challenge.


Need more fun! We need the sun! YES! We got kitties. And Kittahs! And Caturdays! And a retrospect of LA from Al Pastor. And I talk about how the NY Style Section likes to write about emoji because hip and current. Oh and this was great—about children's literature. And traveling to the Moon.


And finally, in backtalk, we love our beautiful pictures— of Zhandi's Seagull friend! or the Santa Monica Pier. And Owl's pictures that open up the day.


And finally, we celebrate Accomplishteers at Backtalk. Good job, I'm a Little Teapot, Short. And absolutely no apologies.


Ok, but MORE. Please check us out! And because I was talking about it on the tweeters, I walked across campus and saw all the fireflies light up in the night. That's the picture at the top (i mean, fireflies—i didn't take them). Do you have members of fireflies? Do you call them lightning bugs? Let me know!

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