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The beauty community is exploding again and I need to talk about it

If you want to read some fluffy drama click here. I will do my best to recap for those who know nothing about the beauty community, but just want to enjoy the fireworks. Everything I mention but don’t post a source on will be easy to google as well.

Months ago there was a big ‘dramageddon’ in the beauty community. I was glad certain people were exposed, but I wasn’t gleeful about it because at its core it was about how some gurus are extremely racist. And I felt like a lot of people were simply happy that gurus they didn’t like were taking heat. They didn’t care about the racism until they could use it as a weapon. And they were using it to defend another guru who is also horrifically racist. It was just gross all around.

But this drama is pure sugar. Mostly.

Right now in the beauty community the two biggest personalities are both men. That bothers me for multiple reasons. For starters - BOTH THESE MEN ARE TRASH. They’ve done so many horrible things that would have gotten a PoC or woman creator cancelled long ago.


This drama is specifically about James Charles. There’s a lot to unpack with him. But let’s start with why he’s famous. He went viral after a post on social media about his school photo. He said he asked the photographer if he could use his ring light and they let him. So the photo looked a lot nicer than most school photos. This went viral cause…idk people do backflips whenever a man does anything cute. He went on Ellen and retold the story. But …IT WAS ALL A LIE. It never happened. He didn’t bring in a ring light, and the school photo he posted was all photoshop.

Somehow that never backed up on him and his star continued to rise. Shortly after that Cover Girl made him their spokesmodel, and it was a big deal cause he’s a man.

After this, he took a trip to Africa and made a racist/uneducated comment on twitter before boarding the plane. It was something like “Going to Africa – hope I don’t get ebola.” You can easily google for screenshots. Cover Girl dropped him because of that. But he was still gaining subs.

He’s made a lot of tweets and posted a lot of memes about how he wants a ‘straight’ boyfriend. And someone recently came forward to say James was very sexually harassing toward him. Of course his fans painted the guy as a ‘clout chaser.’ But it’s known how gross James is to straight guys.


Both him and his little brother dropped out of high school and constantly talk about how education (even high school) isn’t necessary to make money. They also made a video together where they talked about how they don’t think climate change is real, but they DO think bigfoot is.

This man has 16 million followers btw. Mostly between the ages of 12-14.

James Charles is doing a “tour” where he’s charging fans $500 for a meet and greet. No one knows what he’s gonna be doing on said tour.


There’s more, but…those are the main controversies.

Tati Westbrook is a ‘beauty guru’ on Youtube. She now has 6 million followers. She’s been doing this for 8 years. She basically helped him get started and he was an ass to her.


Ok we’re finally caught up. Now you can watch this AMAZING video where she drags him for everything. She even calls out his MOM. It’s so good.

Aaaand the tweets


I’ll be honest that I am not a fan of Tati. I used to be. I was subbed to her until she decided to be friends with the other trash male of the beauty community. But I don’t wanna make this about him.


What do you guys think? I am SO VERY MUCH enjoying the distraction of this. I’m so glad she did it on a Friday too cause I will drink to this.

Edit: Update - he posted a response video. Btw he’s lost 300k subs so far. In 7 hours. I made sure to turn my ad-block on before I clicked. 

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