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The Beauty of OCN's "The Voice"

I watched this Korean drama because of Jang Hyuk and because OCN had given me “Tunnel” which wasn’t perfect but nevertheless excellent. “The Voice” is the same, it’s not perfect, but it aims high and delivers its promises.

Me and crime dramas don’t go well together, but I was willing to give it a try because of the above drama and because it had Jang Hyuk. I’ve watched most of his period pieces and “Robber” which I thought was cute when I saw it first and then a few years later was appalled by its super sexist and creepy message.
When I started watching “The Voice”, I remembered that I must have given it a try before, because everything seemed extremely familiar and I also realized why I must have abandoned it, because gruesome death of a woman who serves as motivation of Detective Moo Jin Hyuk’s story. But this time I merely skipped a few minutes ahead, because I was still curious and then I found out that women still die, but it’s not about some murder spree on women similar to “Tunnel”.

And I got Officer Kang Kwon Joo and girl is she fabulous and awesome and every single good thing on Earth. Here is also were it got interesting, because we don’t meet her as the potential love interest of Jin Hyuk, we meet her as the person whose father was killed by the same person as Jin Hyuk’s wife. Someone determined to track down the killer und bring him to justice, so essentially Kwon Joo is on precisely the same level than Jin Hyuk.
She is her own person with her own motivations, with her own story, she is not the love interest, some Plus One and it shows, oh how it shows.
I love how she is portrayed as super competent without doubling down on it. No, it’s still kind of cliche, she is the brain, he is the brute, but she is shown as fearlessy going head to head with superiors and actually carving out a place of her own, she is not a damsell so be saved (although this of course happens, but still, conext matters), she is a police woman doing her job.
There is friction between the two at first, but it’s not playful banter, it’s serious and later when he knows of her special abilities, he lets her explain and after that just asks I think maybe one or two times if she is sure and then absolutely trusts that she is right.
This is the rare drama were there is no power play or any other imbalance of power between the leads and I hope I didn’t mishear that he called her noona at one point, because it fits perfectly. There is no need to make her small in order to let the male lead look good (there is so, so, so much hate in me for Secret Garden because of this stuff), they are both very good with what they do and because of that are able to work together so well.

No spoilers or anyhing, but this is a drama that did everything right regarding its characters from start to finish, staying true to them and their stories and I’m kind of surprised that I found such a gem with a genre I usually don’t seek out and even sort of avoid. I started watching it because of Jang Hyuk, but I absolutey stayed because of Kwon Joo and Lee Ha Na’s amazing performance (brb watching everything with her that sounds interesting).

It also doesn’t hurt that this is a gorgous looking drama and with 16 episodes something that doesn’t warrant giving up on life for some insane amount of time (I’m looking at you, Jumong).


The main song is also very fitting, it starts very generic, but then suddenly it becomes this amazing thing of beauty.

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