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Welp, it was definitely bed bugs. I’ll spare you the details because they’re unimportant, but after weeks of back-and-forth with the building management, we finally got a PCO in to do a treatment on Wednesday last week. The first night after the treatment - no bites. Nothing on Thursday, either. Then bf got a couple new bites on Friday. I moved in Saturday and that night, neither of us got anything. But I woke up this morning with five new bites.

The pest control company told us that it is normal to see some bugs after the treatment, but to rest assured they will die when they come into contact with the pesticide. We haven’t seen much visual evidence of the infestation at all, even before the treatment - one or two bugs when we took apart the bed frame to vacuum, and one after the treatment that was already dead. We did everything on the treatment prep checklist - vacuuming, laundering/drying and bagging all our clothes, etc. And we’ve been vacuuming every day since the treatment. Now I’m worried that we might not have vacuumed thoroughly enough? The problem is that we’re not in direct contact with the pest control company because we have to go through management and they have not been forthcoming or particularly committed to resolving the issue. It’s been a major challenge. I want to speak directly with a PCO who can tell me if this is normal or if the treatment was unsuccessful. We’re trying to book a routine follow-up for 2-3 weeks from now, but again, the management isn’t responding in a very timely fashion.


My question to those who have dealt with bed bugs before: is it normal to still get bites after the treatment? Will the bites eventually stop as the bugs come out of hiding and come into contact with the residual spray? Or was this treatment just unsuccessful?

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