The nice thing about some confessions is that they can actually improve your mood in tangible ways. My recent potato confession, for example, led directly to the introduction of the Crash Hot Potato into my life. And for this I am grateful, especially to demolitionwoman, who brought me this simple, culinary joy.

So, unable to resist the starchy pull of a good oven baked potato, I made the Crash Hot Potato using my ridiculously pricey French potatoes. Below, the evidence.

Okay, these are the raw potatoes. Red, and white. It's just me here right now, so I am not making too many. I cooked them in a silicon steamer/microwave rather than boiling them because, well, I am impatient by nature.


So, here they are, crashed. I used olive oil, then some black sea salt I had, then fresh basil, and two of them got an additional layer of grated parmesan as well as clove of garlic. Into the oven they went.


And voila. What can I say, they tasted better than they look, and they were divine!