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Welcome To The Bitchery

The best album of the year drops on Friday, and you can stream it right now.

Vancouver band Good for Grapes are releasing their sophomore album, The Ropes, on Friday. It will be, in my opinion, the best album of the year; there is no question. The Beatles could rise from the dead/reform and release a sequel to Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and I’d still probably still pick Good for Grapes.

It might just be because I’m a Canadian music nerd, or because this sort of stuff hits me square in all the feels, but I’ve loved Good for Grapes ever since their first album, Man on the Page, came out in 2013. That one was brilliant; The Ropes is incredible. This is aural joy; it’s folk the way folk should be, layered with infectious energy and so well-written that each repeated listen brings new surprises. I know that music is completely subjective and that some people might just hate this, but I honestly can’t imagine who that would be. Seriously, please, go listen to this album, from start to finish—I promise it’s worth every minute of your time.


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