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We’re almost done with the holidays, folks! I took a bit of a Kinja break (like a week, I’m sOoOoOo disciplined, you guys) and now I’m back for more drudgery!

Question of the Day: What was the best New Year’s resolution that you ever made and stuck to? What was the worst?


My Worst: Last year when I resolved to give grad school a try. I made the resolution and was accepted 2 weeks later. I hate it and am no closer to determining my career goals. My Shia-esque “be spontaneous, just DO it!” approach was not the smart one there.

My Best: The year is 2001. Brothernator, my little brother with autism, is about to turn 7 and has still not said a word. He vocalizes and signs, but no talking. The ball drops, we (my sister, my parents, and I) clink champagne glasses full of root beer, and resolve/wish as a family that this year will be the year that Brothernator starts talking.

He said his first words (“vanilla” and “whatever”) in the coming months. He’s turning 22 now and will not. Stop. Talking. Dear God. The talking.

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