Luftwaffle's catnip post gave me the idea to post about my favorite catnip toys (or rather, my cats' favorite) They are from Ratherbee. Their most popular one is a cigar, but they have a bunch of other toys as well. I first got them at this awesome local ALL CAT store which I just learned has closed. :( It was the best store, but I just never got in there and that's probably how everyone else was. Anyhow, these things are $7 a pop, which is insane, I know! But the cats love them. They throw them around, or they will just lay there and lick them (? yeah, I don't know!). I currently have a stocking for the cats which is the only Christmas decoration in our house, and I got them three new ones. They definitely don't need any new toys, but fresh Ratherbee toys are like heaven to them!