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The best feeling in the world…

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Is finding surprise underwear! Underwear is totally my limiting factor when thinking about doing laundry. This may be because I don't have any problem with wearing shirts a pants over and over unless they smell. So usually, when I run out of underwear, I do laundry. NOT THIS WEEK! The past three times that I have needed a clean pair and thought "oh geez, I have zero clean pairs of underwear, I really need to do laundry NOW" I have magically found a clean one. The first one was in an overnight bag from a meeting that I went to a week ago that I never unpacked upon returning home. The second was in the secret pocket of my purse- stashed away in case I decided to spend the night at my boyfriend's house without warning (seriously, I sometimes forget that this pocket exists). The third was in the center console of my car. Backup emergency boyfriend visit undies, I guess. I did not search. I stumbled luckily upon them.


I finally have to do laundry now, but I am entirely satisfied with myself for my talent at not doing laundry due to surprise underwear. I wish you all much similar luck in finding underwear in unexpected places.

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