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The Best-Laid Plans Of Mice And Men...

I was all excited about getting my hair done, but it all went differently.
The electricity went out at the salon, and it'll hopefully come back tomorrow or I'll have to make appointments elsewhere. Power outages at inoppertune times happen a lot in Dakar and allegedly in a lot of other African countries from what I hear from other people.It's something you can surprisingly get used to.
Instead of getting my hair done, I did some shopping at Sea Plaza, the only Western-style shopping mall in miles.They have a lot of luxury-type goods. In the search for a place to put my growing makeup collection, I found a shoebox-size plastic box with matching lid that would hold all my makeup. The box cost me the equivolant of around six dollars, though it was worth four dollars in quality.Such is the pricing system in Dakar: things that would be expensive in the US like maids and custom clothing are inexpensive while things that would be cheap in the US like laptop chargers and cheap plastic things are expensive. Never mind the cost of electricity and water.
My father once told me that in life, you will find moments of great poverty and great prosperity afterwards. I guess I'm dealing with prosperity right now, and I am preparing for the moment of poverty as much as I can. Those plans, however, can also fall through.I hope that your plans have been going as well as they can.


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