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The Best Neighborhoods for Millenials?

I've got to move out of my current living space. There might be a way for me to stay here for a little while, but it's inevitable that I'll have to get out. Looking around for an affordable place to stay in my area (New Jersey) has been difficult. One of the many factors against me is that as a young person, I'm not as valuable to a company as someone with a lot more experience and years. Not to say that my elders looking for employment have it easy, but there seems to be a sweet spot for employment where you are old enough to have experience, but not old enough to retire in the next year.

There is another sweet spot that needs to be considered. Comparing rental payments to how much I could potentially make while working leaves me at a big disadvantage in New Jersey. I've toyed with the idea of moving out of New Jersey and into a place where rent and my job prospects even out or even work to my advantage. This article from the Business Insider website lists the 25 best neighborhoods for millennials. At the top of this maybe-definitive list is Greenpoint in Brooklyn.


Whether Greenpoint is really the best place for millennials should be up to debate. It is indeed great to be young and in New York, but I'm personally concerned that lists like this will simply enable the gentrification of an area and even excuse it. Still, I like the prospect of moving to a place where I have some advantage or hope of affording. I'll be looking around in these areas as a start.

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