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The best party!

So I’ve been helping out with a fundraiser, and it was not only a fabulous work experience but the party was super fun, everything worked, the event sold out and then some.

The real reason it was such a triumph was the exceptional effort made by the people who not only bought tickets and brought friends, but who enthusiastically embraced the theme and brought their A-game. A party encouraging costumes really relies on the participants and boy howdy this bunch was ON FIRE.

The party was a throwback to the seventies. The patron party was an homage to the Factory, then the space threw open to the main event which was Studio 54-esque, complete with an amazing Donna Summer tribute.


And boy oh boy, the costumes were so great. We had Halston and Yves St Laurent. We had Bianca and Marissa and Liza. Rod Stewart. Vidal Sassoon and Karl Lagerfeld. There were Village People. Lou Reed. The Captain and Tennile. The three girlfriends dressed as Charlie’s Angels were adorable, and there were maybe 10 Andys. Also Rollergirl and LOTS of bridge and tunnel.

Lots of volunteers worked hard as hell setting this up, with lots of help from very generous people and the enthusiasm of the partygoers put it over the top. Hooray to them!

If there is a moral to the story, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you get invited to a party that calls for costumes and you are not a costume person, either suck it up or pass. The suspension of disbelief is really important to the atmosphere of a successful event and you are a buzzkill if you can’t get on board. Just sayin’.

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